BPW Ontario

The Business & Professional Women’s Club
“Women Working for Working Women”

Working Women From all Walks of Life
BPW Ontario has clubs throughout the province with members representing all levels of business, the professions and industry. BPW Ontario Clubs are members of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs known as BPW Canada, which is in turn a member of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club, BPW International.

United Nations Category 1 Status
There are BPW Clubs in over 80 countries around the globe. BPW International has category one consultative status with the United Nations and actively participates in the work of (ECOSOC) the United Nations Economic and Social Council and related committees. Although some BPW clubs were formed earlier in Ontario, BPW Canada and BPW International were founded in 1930.

Connection to the World
Communication with the various levels of the organization and its members is achieved through: internal mailings, facebook, e-mail, websites, as well as local club newsletters, annual reports and other BPW publications. Networking and face-to-face contact occurs at Club Meetings, Provincial Conferences, National Conventions and International Congress.

Although BPW is not a service organization, most clubs are involved in community work, such as support for local women’s shelters and bursaries for female students. BPW Ontario is a member of the Provincial Council of Women and LEAF, and interacts with other organizations in areas of mutual interest and concern, such as Friends of Women’s College Hospital, Soroptimist, Zonta, UNESCO, UNIFEM and University Women.

BPW Ontario

BPW Ontario has 18 clubs across Ontario, organized into six districts.

BPW Ontario is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of approximately 20 members.

BPW Ontario’s Annual General Meeting and Conference is usually held on the last weekend in May each year. In addition to workshops, speakers, entertainment and networking, the main business of the Conference is to consider resolutions submitted by member clubs, addressing issues of provincial jurisdiction. The resolutions which are accepted form the basis of an annual brief to the Government of Ontario and submissions to other organizations.

BPW Ontario also holds a Leadership Seminar each year in April. The purpose is to provide training and support for members who choose to accept postions on the executive or commitees of their clubs.
BPW Ontario receives no funding from any government or agency. It operates on a budget supported solely by membership fees, fund-raising activities and donations.

Aims and Objectives of BPW Ontario

  • Work toward the improvement of economic, employment and social conditions for women.
  • Strive for high standards of service in business, the professions, industry and public life.
  • Stimulate interest in federal, provincial and municipal affairs, and encourage women to participate in the business of government at all levels.
  • Encourage and assist women and girls to acquire education and training.
  • Affiliate with other organizations to promote mutual interests.
  • Cooperate with the National and International Federation of Business and Professional Women and implement its aims and objectives.

Whether you share our interests or concerns and would like to work with us to achieve our aims, or you’re just a casual visitor, we’d love to hear from you.