Kim Beatty


WS Kim Beatty 2013Kim Beatty, president of BEATTY Inc. and owner/partner of CreativeBuz, has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, including developing business opportunities, sales strategies and presentations, business plans, sales forecasts and strategic planning. She is also a talented graphic designer and print broker, serving clients throughout the GTA and the USA. Her expertise includes working with the clients to develop sales marketing materials and promotional programs that meets and exceeds their expectations and requirements, using various mediums such as Print, Internet and Social Networks, as well as sourcing new products and collaborating with other associates. A skilled team player, she is an effective administrator with expertise in all facets of developing and managing a business.

CreativeBuz specializes in promoting your company, products and services by providing services in marketing, concept development, graphic/web design and print services.

At CreativeBuz we understand what having a good image can do for your bottom line. That’s why we take the time to get to know your company, your products and your audience so we can build business-building tools to help you to grow your business. Whether it’s a stand-alone piece or strategic campaign requiring a consistently branded compliment of website, social media tools and printed materials, we will deliver what you need to communicate your brand and your message to your target market, precisely, clearly and loudly.


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